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Accelerated Reader



Congratulations to pupils in year 7 and 8 who hit their reading target this term. 

This year 5170 book quizzes have been taken - Fantastic!

You have read 162,505,798 words - wow!


Congratulations to the following Word Millionaires in YEAR 7

Ben Lovell

Teri Aulehla-Atkin

Ghania Tariq

Isabelle Owen   

Kayley Vaughan

Samuel Holman

Eloise Barry

Caleb Barstow

Ben Brown

Amelia Bradbury

Freyja Lavis

Well done super reading stars!




 It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading. Something that will stretch their imaginations – something that will help them make sense of their own lives and encourage them to reach toward people whose lives are quite different from their own

Katherine Paterson

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.


The combined effect on children’s progress of reading books often, going to the library regularly and reading newspapers at 16 was four times greater than the advantage children gained from having a parent with a degree.

National Literacy Trust

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

AR is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Your child picks a book at his/her own level and reads it at his/her own pace.

When finished, your child takes a short quiz on the computer (passing the quiz is an indication that your child has understood what was read.) AR gives both children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results which the teacher then uses to help your child set targets and direct ongoing reading practice.

Children using AR choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them.  Teachers and librarians help your child to choose books at an appropriate reading level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that your child can pass the quiz and experience success.

Every term the year 7 and 8 student will take a STAR reader test which gives them a book level based on a Zone of Proximal Development. This is the level that will enable a child to be challenged without causing frustration or loss of motivation. Your child will receive a ZPD range after taking the STAR test.

Every book that has an AR reading practice quiz is given a point value. AR points are computed based on the difficulty of the book and the length of the book. Children earn points, or a portion of the points depending on how well they do in the quiz.

At Haverfordwest High VC School, we like to reward pupils who consistently reach their reading target and strive to improve their quiz taking. They will be monitored closely and encouraged to read at home as well as in school.