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Examinations - Arholiadau



Dear Pupil/Parent/Carer

As you will be aware, external examinations are planned to take place as usual this term with some slight adaptations to subject syllabi. These examinations will take place at County Hall, Haverfordwest for nearly all of our pupils. We are currently working on the detail surrounding the operational logistics for these examinations and can confirm the following for any examination taking place before the Whitsun holidays (up to Friday 27th May):

  • Areas in County Hall will be set up as per external regulations for examinations with pupils allocated to specific areas (confirmation as to the room and seat number will be emailed to pupils during the week beginning 9th May);
  • All pupils entitled to any access arrangements will be fully provided for;
  • There will be no parking available at County Hall or the facility for parents to drop off and turn around in the car park;
  • Pupils who make their own way to school will will need to arrive at County Hall by 08:45 for morning examinations and 12:45 for afternoon examinations;
  • Pupils who are bused into school will be transported to County Hall, however, pupils catching the shuttle bus from Prendergast can walk to County Hall for examinations;
  • Pupils will not be expected in school prior to an examination;
  • We will provide transport back to school for all pupils for any examination sat during the morning. We will also provide transport back to school for pupils sitting an afternoon examination finishing by 14:30. Alternative arrangements should be made in order to return home for examinations finishing after 14:30.
  • Pupils with an examination in the morning and the afternoon on any one day should bring a packed lunch, those eligible for free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch. Pupils will be able to use the Picton Centre, adjacent to County Hall, in between examinations held on the same day.
  • Pupils returning to school after a morning exam may have missed morning break and the opportunity to use the school canteen and should therefore bring any snacks they might require.
  • Lessons will continue as normal for all pupils until they have study leave (unless they have an examination). Year 13 study leave is from 23rd May, Year 12 from 16th May and Year 11 6th June. 
  • There will be limited areas to store personal belongings so pupils are asked to only bring a bag if absolutely necessary.  Pupils should hand in their phones or leave them in their coat/bag. They MUST be switched off.  
  • Bottled water will not be provided. Pupils should bring their own water bottles with any labels removed. 
  • Pupils are expected to wear full school uniform for all examinations.


It is vitally important that pupils understand and adhere to the examination procedures as set out in the following document which has also been shared with pupils via their Google classroom.

We will be in touch with further details regarding arrangements for pupils in Years 11-13 for examinations taking place after the Whitsun holidays. Arrangements for Year 10 pupils will be the same as noted above.

Finally I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our pupils the very best in their examinations and remind them to make good use of the revision sessions being provided at lunchtime and after school and support from our Learning Coaches if appropriate.  Please see Mrs Mallin or Mrs Buffee if you wish to attend any sessions and require transport.


Mrs J Harries